Everyone wants a home they can be proud of, have visitors come around and leave commending the beauty of the home, a place where they can truly call home with pride. What goes into achieving this is more than mere wishing. One needs to be equipped with the knowledge of how to get this done. Most times we can be short of ideas on how to put our home in the best shape. At time we get confronted with choices like, do I convert the garage in my home into something else, what can I do with the fallow plot behind me, what kind of furniture replacement and rearrangement do I do. The list could be endless. But in reality, we need not do so much to give our home a facelift.

Below are top five ideas you could consider in giving your home that desired shape and look.

  • Maximize Kitchen Storage: by taking an extra look at your kitchen, you can discover spaces that can be utilized to keep your kitchen stuff in a more appealing way. The question is not whether your kitchen is big or small. The question is do you want to create ample storage for your kitchen. Take advantage of open corners and walls with nails and shelves to hang and keep things within easy reach.
  • Give your entrance a majestic tone: Millwork can be a good idea in designing your entrance. Millwork gives the interior of the home a unique look. Try extending the beauty of this material outdoor and give your entrance a sophisticated look. This can be done by framing your front door with millwork and a good painting would add more color and majesty to your humble home.


  • Restore your wooden floor shine: The shine of your wooden floor would give more elegance to your home. Wooden floor, when exposed to dirt and dust too often or suffers from much foot traffic gets dull and unattractive. Try polishing your wooden floor, and do this at least once in a year. This would give your floor a great shine.


  • Give a facelift to your fireplace: You can make your fireplace more beautiful than before. A dated brick fireplace gets more beautiful with a makeover of fresh paint. Before you repaint the fireplace, give it a thorough clean so as to loosen grime and add a stain-blocking primer to help cover soot stains. With a high-gloss paint, the jobs get done better.


  • Lighten up your home: Beautiful lightings at strategic places add more beauty to your home. They also help expose savvy designs and nice arrangement in the home. This makes it easy to catch the attention if the eye’s corner. You can effectively light up your room by creating layers of light with task, accent and ambient lighting. Pendants, scones or chandeliers placed at strategic locations gives the home a sophisticated look.


With these DIY ideas listed above, you can tackle common home improvement projects and transform often overlooked spaces into a wonder without spending so much.


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